10/21/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2013

Jennette McCurdy Shares Dating Tips With YouTuber Oli White (VIDEO)

Between her goofy dance moves and hilarious Twitter feed, we'd like to think Jennette McCurdy would be the ideal person to hang out -- and a perfect first date.

While visiting London, the "Sam & Cat" star -- who was recently linked to basketball star Andre Drummond -- dished with British YouTube star Oli White about her dating dos and don'ts. Read below for her top five dating secrets and watch the full interview in the video above.

1. Don't think too hard.

"My number one tip is don't over-think it, just be yourself. All girls love to laugh, so maybe try to make the girl laugh. And just be kind. Don't be too cocky. Sometimes I think that guys think cockiness comes across as being self-assured, but it just comes across as being a jerk."

2. Make use of social media to ask someone out.

"I think Twitter is as classy as it comes [jokes]. No, I think Twitter nowadays connects people who might not be able to necessarily connect if not for Twitter. I think in that way it's good, but if you know somebody and you tweet them, 'Let's go out'... that's like... nah."

3. Don't take your date to the movie theater.

"Movie theater? Never, never, never because you're just going to be sitting there and I'm an intense movie-watcher. I like something where maybe you're just sitting at a park, somewhere pretty where you can talk -- have a good conversation. And getting some food even though that has sort of its own awkward situation because you're worried about how much you should eat and then if you have something in your teeth."

4. Dress nicely. But not too nicely.

"You should dress in a presentable, classy way, but a way that's also comfortable to you."

5. Awkward silences are OK.

"I relish it in. I just wait for the other person to talk. I am not going to be the first person to break that awkward silence. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to sip a cup of tea."

Got all that? Good luck out there!

McCurdians, what do you think of Jennette's dating advice? What tips would you add? Sound off in the comments below, or tweet @HuffPostTeen!


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