10/21/2013 12:46 pm ET

Man Sleepwalks Off Cliff In China, Gets Trapped In Crevice For 2 Days

A sleepwalking man in China got quite the wake-up call recently when he found himself trapped in a crevice.

According to ITN News, a rescue team found the man, who had been missing for two days, stuck in a gap about 100 feet off the ground. It appears that the man sleepwalked off a cliff and fell into a crack in the mountainous range.

A local villager spotted the 27-year-old man stuck in the Flaming Mountains near Turpan and notified authorities, The Global Times reports. After his rescue on Oct. 20, the man reportedly told police that he faintly recalled sleepwalking the nights before, though he had no memory of how he had become trapped.

He survived the incident with only a few minor bruises.

This is not the first time a sleepwalker has woken up in a strange situation. Last year, a woman in Idaho awoke in a river near her home not once, but twice in a matter of months.


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