10/22/2013 04:13 pm ET

Cliche Watch: Hacks To Crack About Cracks In The Dome


The Architect of the Capitol is undertaking a "multi-phased" project geared to restoring the structural integrity of the U.S. Capitol dome, one of Washington, D.C.'s most iconic monuments. According to the AOC's website, "this project is a critical step for stopping the current level of deterioration in the Dome’s cast iron as well as ensuring the protection of the interior of the Dome and Rotunda." The effort "includes removal of old paint, repairs to the cast iron and stone, and repainting."

The AOC tweeted earlier Tuesday that the restoration project is set to commence in November. Scaffolding similar to the structure that currently envelops the Washington Monument (and which makes it look much, much cooler than the unscaffolded version, in my opinion) will soon adorn the Capitol Dome and will remain in place for the next two years. The office helpfully provided an artist's rendering of what it's going to look like:

capitol dome

Pretty great stuff, except for one thing. All of these repairs to the literal cracks in the Capitol are coming at a time when a lot of figurative cracks in our Capitol are showing as well. And as this announcement of forthcoming scaffolding propagates around the internet, I am sensing one of those disturbances in the Force, as pundits and reporters start to fixate on the image of a cracked Capitol and wonder how soon they'll get to deploy this cliche in making their too-obvious points about "This Town's" dysfunction.

My advice to everyone salivating at the chance to use this metaphor is the same as always: let the other guy go first.

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