David Blair, Texas Man, Claims Dallas Police Had No Reason To Shoot At Him

10/22/2013 04:15 pm ET

A Texas man claims that Dallas police fired at least a dozen bullets at him -- for no apparent reason.

David Blair says that he was standing outside of his east Oak Cliff apartment on Oct. 2 when a pair of Dallas police officers approached him. The 41-year-old had just moved in that day, and his girlfriend and 3-year-old son were inside, according to KENS-5.

The officers, Richard Cantu and Jesse Aquino, were performing a sweep search for area prostitutes and exited their vehicle to question Blair. Blair had made a comment to a woman who walked by and so police shined a spotlight on him. Blair told the officers to get the light out of his face.

The Dallas Morning News reports on what happened next:

Blair went back into his apartment. His son, Daveion, was inside. Police said he told the officers he was going to get a light of his own.

The officers pulled into the driveway near his dimly lit apartment complex and got out of the car. Police said Blair came back out with a flashlight and shined it at the officers’ eyes, blinding them. Then the officers said they heard a bang. They pulled their guns and shot at Blair multiple times.

Blair described the scene in his own words.

“I open the door and I step out,” he told KENS-5. “As soon as I step out, the gunfire goes off.”

Police arrested Blair, but later determined that he never fired a weapon.

Blair's story surfaces just a week after video circulated of a Dallas police officer shooting a man with mental challenges after he stood up from a chair he set in the middle of a cul-de-sac. Police initially claimed the man lunged at them, but the video showed otherwise. An aggravated assault charge against the wounded man has since been dropped.

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