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House Stenographer On Administrative Leave Following Outburst, Says Aide

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WASHINGTON -- The House stenographer who was dragged out of the chamber last week after a bizarre outburst has been placed on administrative leave, according to a House aide who has been updated on the situation.

"She's on admin leave pending further review of the incident," the aide told The Huffington Post on background Tuesday.

During last Wednesday's vote on legislation to end the shutdown and avert a debt default, House stenographer Dianne Reidy walked up to the speaker's chair and began shouting about God, free masons and a "House divided." Security officers soon dragged Reidy out of the chamber as she continued yelling in the hallway. Her husband later said she had been awakened by "the Holy Spirit" and was told to deliver a message on the House floor, where she has worked for the past eight years.

CSPAN viewers witnessed the outburst as vote tallies were being shown on-screen.

The incident has cast doubts on Reidy's future in the House, given her violation of congressional decorum. Asked for comment on whether Reidy would be back, Sally Wood, a spokeswoman for the House Administration Committee, which oversees the House Clerk's Office, told HuffPost she is "not authorized" to discuss personnel matters.

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