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Kevin Trudeau Jailed: Infomercial Pitchman Pleads For Mercy, But Is Heading Back Behind Bars

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CHICAGO -- CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge has rejected an impassioned plea from a television pitchman, ordering U.S. Marshals to jail Kevin Trudeau for failing to pay a $37 million civil judgment.

Judge Robert Gettleman ordered Trudeau be locked up during a Tuesday hearing in Chicago. And then, just before the hearing ended, the 50-year-old Trudeau stood up and asked if he could address the court.

The Federal Trade Commission says Trudeau misled viewers about his weight-loss books. It also balked at Trudeau's claims that he's penniless.

But striking a tone of desperation in court, Trudeau denied he's hidden any assets, repeatedly telling the judge he didn't know what more he could do to prove that.

After the 10-minute statement though, Gettleman said simply, "My order stands."

Two marshals then led Trudeau away.

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