10/22/2013 03:19 pm ET

The 19 Best 'Men's Rights Movies,' Courtesy Of Twitter


Oh, Twitter trending topics.

We've come across the occasional funny one (#AddAWordRuinAMovie, anyone?), but more often that not we've been appalled by sexist, racist and downright offensive hashtags such as #YouCantTrustAWoman and #WhatMakesABlackGirlMad.

Many of these "joke" trends come at the expense of women and minorities -- so we were pleased to see that turned on its head this morning with the rise of #MensRightsMovies tweets. Poking fun at the privileged, white males who describe themselves as men's rights activists, the hashtag has inspired some excellent wordplay.

Here are 19 of our favorite "Men's Rights Movies" -- not that we'd watch any of these films if they existed.

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