10/22/2013 08:04 am ET

VIDEO: Alzheimer's Explained In Animation


Finding out a loved one has Alzheimer's disease can come as a shock and create more questions than answers. For caregivers, it's important to know how the disease will progress and what the sufferer will be going through. Being prepared for "sundowning", the behavioral and temperamental changes in the patient, is critical, as is understanding the confusion the patient feels.

In this short 4-minute video, Suus Hessling provides a stop-motion animation of what Alzheimer's looks like from the inside and out. The video was Hessling's graduation project for her degree from Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.

"After a few years of fascination for this disease I wanted to know more about the cause and affect it has on the brain," Hessling says on her website.

From how we store our life's memories and make sense of our surroundings, to how the initial symptoms of Alzheimer's manifest and what is going on in the brain's synapses, the video, below, shows how the disease translates into everyday life.

Retrogenese (English version) from Suus Hessling on Vimeo.


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