10/23/2013 10:52 am ET

Good Samaritans Catch Kids Jumping From Miami Apartment Fire

When a scorned ex-boyfriend allegedly set a Miami apartment aflame Tuesday night, two good samaritans came to the rescue, catching a four and six year old who were forced to jump out of a second-floor window.

Watch the Local 10 video report above.

The fire started on the couch, reports NBC 6, and when the smoke got intense, the mother brought her kids to the window for air and yelled for help.

Jerald Lecky and a friend were doing laundry nearby and heard the cries for help.

"They were just panicking and panicking, kids were screaming," Lecky told Local 10.

"He caught the kids and adults were trying to get down, so we helped them get down too," his friend added.

Authorities say the arson suspect will also face charges of child endangerment, aggravated stalking and attempted murder.

"I'm just going to thank God that everybody, all the kids got out the house safe, all the grown ups got out the house safe," one of the good samaritans told WSVN. "That's what counts right now."


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