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Gitmo Officer Successfully Got The Washington Post To Call Him 'Muscular'

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Jail cells and meeting area are seen at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on August 6, 2013. AFP PHOTO/CHANTAL VALERY (Photo credit should read CHANTAL VALERY/AFP/Getty Images) | Getty

This tweet from Washington Post reporter Emma Brown got a great deal of attention on Wednesday:

It was definitely a hilarious correction. People naturally wondered how it had come about.

The answer was not hard to find: Durand—until recently the head of the Guantanamo Bay public affairs unit and a man who is fond of uploading pictures of himself after a long workout at the highly controversial detention facility—proudly discussed his freakout over the description on Facebook.

HuffPost's Ryan Reilly flagged the relevant posts:

So...mission accomplished!

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