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Best Tweets Of The Week By Teens! (10/24/13)

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In case you weren't aware, HuffPost Teen bloggers are some of the smartest, most thoughtful and flat-out hilarious teen writers on the Internet. They also happen to be really good at Twitter. That's why, every week, we round up the best 140-character quips and insights from our esteemed blogging team -- and other equally awesome teen tweeters. Scroll down to read the latest batch and share your own #HPTeenTweet suggestions by following @HuffPostTeen!

Jackson Barnett
The God of No-School just came to me in a vision and told me to spend today watching movies in my pajamas. Who am I to argue?

Emma McLaughlin
The first rule of Twitter is to never tweet the truth. (Just kidding that's the second rule!) (Or is it?)

Bizzy Emerson
“@joejonas: please hold while we get our shit together.” Literally same

Celeste etc.
Character Description: low ponytail

I've read too much Joan Didion to ever live in California without questioning, like, EVERYTHING.

Maude Apatow
Don't make eye contact and smile at the person walking out of the bathroom before you, because that's always awkward.

Ruby Karp
I'm watching Hannah Montana this is true bordem

camEEla cabeYo

Katy Ma
Senior year: hey do 6 hours of hw and volunteer and work and run this club and look do this internship DEADLINE oh btw that college thing

Donate Don't Dump
Chewbacca said it best Aaaaaaarraaaaaarrrgh ☺️