10/24/2013 09:24 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2013

Bill Murray's 'Rushmore' Salary Was Only $9,000

Bill Murray's Rushmore was apparently "Rushmore." As director Wes Anderson told Matt Zoller Seitz for the writer's new book, "The Wes Anderson Collection," Murray received the minimum Screen Actors Guild rate for his performance. As a result, Anderson estimates that Murray walked away from the film with just $9,000 in earnings.

"When we did 'Rushmore,' in the very beginning, it could have been intimidating, but he made it not intimidating," Anderson told HuffPost Entertainment last year when asked about his relationship with Murray. "As soon as we started working together, I would say something to him and he would respond with something that made me think, 'Not only does he understand what I'm saying, he seems to like it and has expanded on it.' [...] He made it real; it was funny, but he made it real. I've always felt like I've enjoyed that rapport so much."

Since "Rushmore," Anderson has worked with Murray on every one of his films, including "The Grand Budapest Hotel," which is out in March of next year. For his part, Murray seemed to know early on that Anderson was a great collaborator.

"I've liked most of the characters I've played, but writing-wise they weren't all finished. I think 'Rushmore' is the first movie I've done in a while that's completely whole," he said in a 1999 interview. "'Groundhog Day' was another that was exceptionally well-written. With 'Rushmore,' it was great to be able to serve the story without waving a flag over my head, which you often have to do when you're the lead and have to carry the film. So I enjoyed playing Blume because I really believe an actor's job is to serve."

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