10/24/2013 08:14 am ET

Blake Griffin Dunks But Rudy Gobert Ducks In Effort To Avoid Preseason Posterization (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

Welcome to the NBA, Rudy Gobert.

With high-flying Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin driving toward the rim in the third quarter of preseason game on Wednesday night, the rookie center out of France found himself the last line of defense for the Utah Jazz. The 21-year-old belatedly rotated over into the paint but still rose up to challenge Griffin's impending dunk attempt. As Griffin was about to throw down a ferocious right-handed slam, Gobert seemed to realize he didn't want to get posterized in a preseason game. The 7'1" pivot turned away from Griffin, lowered his arms to make clear no block attempt was coming and even ducked his head out of the way.


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