Jamie Dornan Is Pretty Much Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden's Doppelgänger (PHOTOS)

10/24/2013 03:05 pm ET

Before he landed the lead role in the upcoming "50 Shades Of Grey" film, Jamie Dornan was the ridiculously good-looking guy from "Marie Antoinette" and those Calvin Klein Underwear ads (to us, at least). But his major resurgence into the media today made us realize one thing: The studly actor has a royal doppelgänger.


Dornan's square jaw, piercing, deep-set eyes and thick head of hair remind us of Prince Carl Philip, Sweden's very own "playboy" prince and fellow hottie. They may not be dead ringers for one another -- Dornan has blue eyes, while the prince's are brown -- but, at the very least, the two could be brothers. And that's good enough for us.

Here are the two men with scruff:


Jamie Dornan (left) and Prince Carl Phillip (right)

...and clean-shaven:


Jamie Dornan (left) and Prince Carl Phillip (right)

Two of a kind:

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