10/24/2013 02:39 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2013

Landscape GIFs Are The Absolute Best Method Of Virtual Travel

It has recently come to our attention that those magical moving photographs from "Harry Potter" actually exist. In real life.

They are called landscape GIFs, and they're the most awesome way to see some of your favorite places in motion (as opposed to puppies or Phoebe from "Friends," as GIFs most often depict).

If this landscape GIF business gets any more advanced, travel might soon cease to be necessary. Observe how GIFs bring these destinations to life!

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Toronto, Canada

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Tokyo, Japan

London, England

Paris, France

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

For extended clips of landscape-y glory, watch these exquisite time lapse videos of Toronto, San Francisco, Paris, Venice, and even Tokyo in slo-mode.

And if all those moving pictures aren't enough, visit the still versions of these fabulous places in the slideshow below.

  • 1 Multnomah Falls, Oregon
  • 2 Toronto, Canada
    Getty Images
  • 3 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
    Getty Images
  • 4 Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina
    Getty Images
  • 5 Tokyo, Japan
    Getty Images
  • 6 London, England
    Getty Images
  • 7 Paris, France
    Getty Images
  • 8 The Golden Gate Bridge
    Getty Images
  • 9 The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
    Getty Images
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