10/24/2013 05:56 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2013

Morgan Freeman Is Not Interested In The GOP Or '12 Years A Slave'


Through the years, Morgan Freeman has expressed his opposing viewpoints on the country’s various legal issues, ranging from legalizing marijuana to calling the Tea Party movement racist. So it comes as no surprise that the award-winning actor has addressed the recent government shutdown.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Freeman criticized Republicans for their tactics and believe the political party has damaged its reputation.

“The lengths that people will go to to show their prejudices! You see some of these signs that say, “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” What the f*ck is that? Whose country are you talking about,” he asked. “They are being pushed to the side, which is a good thing for them to realize: you don’t have the power you think you have in this country.”

“Obama was legitimately elected president. If you don’t like that, fine, either move out, or make your point and get yourself elected, but don’t tear the country apart,” he continued. “That’s not going to get you anywhere. I think the Republicans have pretty much destroyed themselves by allowing themselves to be controlled by a small contingent of people with a lot of money.”

While on topic about race in America, the 76-year-old also revealed his reluctance to view Steve McQueen’s Oscar-worthy film, “12 Years A Slave.”

“I saw a television movie that was made a few years ago about the same character [Solomon Northup]. But I don’t particularly want to see it,” he admitted. “I don’t want my anger quotient exacerbated, you know? Things are bad enough as they are. I don’t want to keep punching myself in the face with it.”

Check out more of Morgan’s Freeman’s Daily Beast interview here.


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