10/24/2013 03:12 pm ET

Is That A Baby Wombat Intruder? Nope, It's Just Ruby Using The Cat Door! (VIDEO)

This is Ruby. She is a wombat.

But Ruby is no ordinary wombat -- she's also a loyal pet. She was adopted by Matt Hill and his partner in 2012 after Hill found her in her deceased mother's pouch in New South Wales, Australia.

Hill told Yahoo News in an email that he bottle-fed and cared for the affectionate baby marsupial until she was strong enough to roam on her own.

And roam she did! In the video above, the 6-month-old wombat learns to use a cat door for the first time.

If you think that's adorable, then your heart probably won't be able to handle Hill's YouTube page -- it's chock-full of Ruby's cute adventures.

The wombat stayed with Hill's family for 16 months, until she was released into the wild near a national park with a wombat community.

Hill told Yahoo News that he and his partner have seen Ruby once since her release.

“She looks very healthy," he said, "and has made new friends of her own species."


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