10/25/2013 12:54 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2013

New CEO Worked His Way Up From Being Lowly Son Of Previous CEO

If there's anything that truly defines the American dream, it's someone who pulls themselves up by the bootstraps in order to succeed; a person who overcomes all obstacles to become a leader you can look up to and respect.

That very ideal could not be more personified than in the story of Gary Lightman above, who started off as the lowly son of a CEO only to "rise like a phoenix" and eventually become the CEO himself... at his dad's company.

Alright, so while it's actually a satirical piece by The Onion (much like our previous commentary), who doesn't see the sad grain of truth behind it? Yeah, we're all doing a little bit of laughing and crying at the same time while watching this one.


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