10/25/2013 03:21 pm ET

Christina Hammond's Family Afraid Wrong Cremains Returned By Same Home That Lost Jerry Moon's Body

It happened years ago, but their pain and their doubts remain.

Christina Hammond died when her heart stopped during gall-bladder surgery in 2007, but news of a gruesome funeral home mix-up this week brought back a lot of hurtful memories for the woman's family.

In an interview with KATU, mother Tracey Scott and sister Carrie Hammond said that Brown Mortuary, the same funeral home being investigated for allegedly cremating the body of Jerry Moon against his wishes and putting another man's body in his casket, gave them the wrong jewelry when they returned their loved one's remains years ago.

They say that the recent incident stoked fears that they received the wrong cremains as well.

“It just makes you wonder. Did we get the right ashes?” Scott, Hammond's mother, told KATU. “Did we just get somebody else's jewelry or did we get somebody else's remains?”

Scott told the station that when the family arrived at Brown Mortuary prior to the cremation, they saw Christina's body with "blood running down her face and onto her shirt," and said that an employee "laughed it off" when she complained.

"The guy who worked there was just very arrogant and he just wasn’t kind and he had no compassion and it was just kind of a joke to him," Scott said.

Brown Mortuary and Dahl McVickers funeral homes in Chehalis are being investigated by state officials after Moon's family opened the casket at his funeral Monday and made a shocking discovery.

According to KPTV, the body of Robert Petitclerc, 97, had been placed in Moon's casket, dressed in his clothes and had a plastic bag fitted over his head.

Both Moon's and Petitclerc's families were horrified by the incident, which turned considerably grimmer once it was learned that Moon's body had been cremated.

"[My father] was terrified of being cremated. He was scared of it. He didn't want any part of it," son Brian Moon told

NWCN reported that Dahl McVickers funeral home was already the subject of a financial investigation when the mix-up was discovered.

If found culpable in the Moon-Petitclerc case, the funeral homes could face fines and possibly lose their licenses.


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