10/25/2013 12:04 pm ET

Tom Matzzie Dishes On Tweeting Former NSA Director's Private Conversations (VIDEO)

Tom Matzzie joined HuffPost Live to discuss what really went down on his train ride yesterday seated in front of former NSA Director Michael Hayden.

The political strategist and former Washington Director of told host Alyona Minkovski, "[Michael Hayden] was that loud guy on the train. I think we all know the type."

"The thing that caught my ear was that he was saying things like black sites, rendition, Fourth Amendment," Matzzie said. "For the first half hour or so I thought he was actually James Clapper, and I was concerned he had some sort of mental break or something. That was wrong. I realized when I looked back ... it was Michael Hayden."

Matzzie clarifies that Hayden "wasn't leaking secrets." He does say, however, that "what he was doing was participating in the kind of political chicanery in Washington of trying to tie down the president or push back the blame from one person onto another person."

In essence, Matzzie said, "[Hayden] was trying to pass the buck to somebody else by giving these on background quotes."

Watch the clip above to hear more on what happened when Hayden realized Matzzie was eavesdropping.


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