10/28/2013 07:57 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2013

Anastasia Ashley's New Hawaii Surfing Video Turns Heads Again

Anastasia Ashley is an impressive professional surfer -- she was runner-up at this year's Pipeline Women's Pro -- but, these days, it seems like she is more famous for her derrière than for her talent.

First, a video of Ashley's booty-shaking warm up dance during the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, Calif., went viral over the summer. More recently, she tweeted a photo of herself imitating Kim Kardashian in a white swimsuit, which spread like wildfire on the Web.

Now, Ashley, who is a part-time model, has released a 52-second video of herself surfing in Hawaii, which opens with a long, close-up underwater shot of Ashley's behind while she straddles her board.

In an interview with HuffPost Live earlier this year, the 26-year-old said that she takes the sexualization of surfing in stride and that it's all "part of the game."

If that's true, it seems like Ashley is playing the game well. By doubling down on her derrière's notoriety, she actually snuck in about 20 seconds of her surfing prowess in the latest video.

While it's not much, it hints at the fact that Ashley is willing to brave the critics for the advancement of her career. After all, as one of the few female surfers to venture into the male-dominated world of big wave surfing, Ashley is ballsy.


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