10/28/2013 10:18 pm ET

Cameron Brooks's Photography Project Shows Hawaii Like It's Never Been Seen Before

It's been said that helicopter pilots in Hawaii have one of the best gigs going. The same could be said of photographers in Hawaii. So, what happens when you combine the two?

Pure awesomeness.

Cameron Brooks is a professional photographer who does most of his work in a helicopter, thus capturing some of the most stunning aerial photos of pristine Hawaii. His images remind us why the islands of Hawaii -- with their dramatic green mountains, bubbly white clouds and fifty shades of blue -- are so unique and so distinct from other island paradises around the world.

Having a helicopter at your disposal is no small expenditure, however. With rides costing up to $750 an hour, Brooks has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him raise enough capital to continue his passion. Particularly, he wants to capture more aerial photos of the Big Island, which -- with its lava flows and 14,000 feet high volcano -- is ripe for more aerial exploration.

If you want to see more photos like these, support Brooks's campaign here.

The Napali Coast

Kamuela, Big Island

Ala Moana Sunset
ala moana

Lanikai, Oahu

Sunrise Over Diamond Head
diamond head sunrise

Showers Over Honolulu
honolulu showers

Koko Head Crater
koko head

The Napali Coast
napali rainbow

Sunrise Over Lanikai
lanikai sunrise


Don't forget to support Brooks's campaign for more stunning photos!


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