Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In

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01/20/99 Black feminist Bell Hooks during interview for her new book. Said the feminist writer who argues against all racial, class or gender stereotyping, 'Don't take my picture so close up. That's what White photographers do.' CREDIT: Margaret Thomas TWP. (Photo by Margaret Thomas/The Washington Post/Getty Images) | Getty

Mass media (along with Sandberg) is telling us that by sheer strength of will and staying power, any woman so inclined can work hard and climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top. Shrewdly, Sandberg acknowledges that not all women desire to rise to the top, asserting that she is not judging women who make different choices. However, the real truth is that she is making judgments about the nature of women and work – that is what the book is fundamentally about. Her failure to confront the issue of women acquiring wealth allows her to ignore concrete systemic obstacles most women face inside the workforce. And by not confronting the issue of women and wealth, she need not confront the issue of women and poverty. She need not address the ways extreme class differences make it difficult for there to be a common sisterhood based on shared struggle and solidarity.

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