NATO Reduces Scope Of Its Afghanistan Plans

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Recruits run in a group at the Afghanistan National Army Officers' Academy (ANAOA) in Qargha district of Kabul on October 23, 2013. The ANAOA, which is part of the Afghan National Defence University and located to the west of Kabul at Qargha, is a new establishment designed to train the future leaders of the Afghan National Army (ANA). The first batch of ANAOA officer cadets who arrived on October 9 will undergo 42 weeks of military training. AFP PHOTO/Massoud HOSSAINI (Photo credit shoul | Getty

After months of tense negotiations over the size and role of a postwar presence in Afghanistan, senior North Atlantic Treaty Organization officials say they are planning a more minimalist mission, with a force consisting of fewer combat trainers and more military managers to ensure that billions of dollars in security aid are not squandered or pilfered.

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