10/29/2013 10:36 am ET

This Is How Strong Winds Were During Europe's 'Stormageddon' (VIDEO)

As many in the United Kingdom recovered from the severe storm that battered parts of the region Sunday, residents of other nations in western Europe prepared for hurricane-force winds and flooding. And, if photos and videos filmed during the storm are any indication, that's exactly what they got.

In a video posted by gaming website Eurogamer Denmark on Monday, powerful gusts of wind rip off scaffolding from a six-story building in Denmark.

The violent storm, unlike any to hit the region in recent years, left at least 15 people dead. As the BBC notes, winds reached 119 mph over the North Sea during the storm system, which has been dubbed "Stormageddon" on social media.

Watch the extent of the brutal winds above, and see more photos of storm damage in the U.K. in the gallery below.

(Hat tip, Reddit)


St Jude Storm - UK Weather
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