10/28/2013 05:36 pm ET

50 Improbable #WorldSeriesEndings More Bizarre Than Game-Ending Obstruction And Pickoff Plays

AP/Naked Gun

With a pair of never-seen-before endings, the 109th edition of the World Series has taught baseball fans -- and pennant winners -- to expect the unexpected. Of course, that hasn't stopped everyone from guessing what might possibly come next.

One night after Game 3 between the Red Sox and the Cardinals became the first-ever World Series game to end on an obstruction call, Game 4 included the first-ever game-ending pickoff. After that second straight unprecedented ending, baseball fans and media couldn't help but wonder what bizarre developments were yet to come. The hashtags #WordSeriesEndings, #Game5Ending, #Game5Predictions and #HowWillGame5End all popped up on Twitter as the speculation ranged from the relatively mundane to the magical. There were references to classic scenes from sports films, predictions of improbable-yet-possible baseball situations and, of course, a call for intervention by Chuck Norris.

50 (Im)Possible #WorldSeriesEndings