Daddy Yankee Says 'El Imperio Nazza' Album Will Have 'Mystic Touch'

10/29/2013 04:51 pm 16:51:15 | Updated Jul 28, 2014

By Michael Lopez


It looks like the seventh time may be the charm in Daddy Yankee’s universe. The reggaeton maestro is prepping album number seven and told fans it may be his best work yet.

Titled "El Imperio Nazza", the record is reportedly a back-to-basics collection of hard thumping songs. DY describes it as “pure” and “raw” and something his longtime fans will appreciate.

“It’s an album with a mystic touch,” he said at a recent Grammy event. “It’s a totally powerful disc for all fans who love reggaeton.”

And from what we’ve heard so far, El Big Boss may be right. The leadoff single, “La Nueva y La Ex,” has drawn a ton of praise and already reached over one million YouTube views.

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