10/29/2013 06:20 pm ET

Street Artist Actually Tries Sending His Work Into Space

If there is a season for high profile street art in New York City, this is it. The British street artist Banksy is nearing the end of his monthlong takeover, and right on time, another European tagger has arrived. Invader, as the French artist is known, likes to paste his signature images of the vintage video game creatures wherever he can -- on each letter in the Hollywood Hills sign, in Montpelier, France, on the door of an AirFrance airplane bathroom. In space.


That's right, literalists, enjoy this. A space invader has finally invaded space. As we type, an army of 8-bit mosaics are popping up around Manhattan, announcing the New York debut of the artist's most recent film, Art4Space. The documentary tracks Invader's attempt in 2012 to send one of his pieces higher in the atmosphere than any art work has gone before, according to gallery notes.

"It was an old dream that I thought impossible for many years," Invader wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. "The operation didn't run as planned but [that's] what makes it interesting in the end."



Intrigued? If you happen to be in the area, head on over to the Landmark Sunshine in Manhattan for back to back free screenings tonight, starting at 8 pm.

This is the penultimate stop on the film's tour -- Art4Space finishes up next month at Banksy's old haunt, the Lazarides Gallery in London. But if you miss it now, take heart that we'll all be on Mars gawking at extraterrestrial street art soon enough.

"According to top scientists, space is the future of humanity," Invader wrote to us. "So will it be for art."

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