10/29/2013 09:00 am ET

It's An Elephant Pumpkin Smash!

Watch baby Lily experience her first Halloween season in a big way when Oregon Zoo gave the Asian elephant herd some pumpkins to play with, including a 1,300-pound squash!

That is way more than the mere 300 pounds Lily weighed at birth! According to her Oregon Zoo bio, Lily is a "spitfire." Just look how happy she is about that pumpkin!

You can tell an Asian elephant apart from an African one by their rounded backs, smaller ears and relatively smooth skin. Thankfully, the Oregon Zoo participates in an Asian elephant species survival plan.

According to the zoo, these animals are endangered because they face threats like "habitat loss or degradation, and fragmentation of the wide ranges the elephants require. Poaching and humans are other threats as well."

To learn more, visit the World Wildlife Fund.


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