10/29/2013 05:10 pm ET

Mary Steenburgen On Hillary's Potential Run For President: 'I'm Torn' (VIDEO)

Mary Steenburgen, star of the upcoming film "Last Vegas," which opens this week, joined HuffPost Live Tuesday and discussed her relationship with close friend Hillary Clinton.

Host Alyona Minkovski asked Steenburgen if she wants to see Hillary run in 2016, to which the actress responded, "I'm torn because there's a part of me as a woman that wants her to run. As a woman, I'm really ready for us to prove that a woman can do this. And I can't think of a single person in the world more qualified, male or female."

While their friendship dates back to their days in Arkansas, the two have deliberately decided not to discuss Clinton's potential run, according to Steenburgen. She does note, however, that her hesitation on the matter is rooted in feeling "protective" of her friend.

"The part of me that's protective of her looks at the fact that she has... given of herself and worked so hard her whole life. And she has this little window of time where she's getting to do what she wants. And I know that the Clinton Foundation is so effective and extraordinary without having to deal with all of the political rigmarole."

To hear more from Mary Steenburgen, watch the full segment HERE.


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