10/30/2013 08:21 am ET

Why You Should Watch These Animal Cams Right Now


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In 2010, a Japanese study found that watching cute animal cams can actually boost productivity at work. By indulging in the adorableness periodically, participants were better able to focus their attention. Since then, just about every species has it's own live stream, so you can enjoy pups or kittens or the hummingbird of Aliso Viejo from afar. We've rounded up links to eight of our favorite animal cams that are sure to give you your most productive -- not to mention happiest -- day yet.

Did we miss your favorite live animal cam? Tell us about it in the comments!

1. Animal Planet's Live Kitten Cam

animal cams

2. Golden Retriever Puppy Cam

animal cam

3. The Smithsonian Giant Panda Cam

animal cam

4. San Diego Zoo Polar Cam

animal cam

5. Birch Aquarium Kelp Cam

animal cam

6. Houston Zoo Giraffe Cam

animal cam

7. SeaWorld Orlando's Antarctica Penguin Cam

animal cam

8. Reid Park Zoo Elephant Cam

animal cam

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