10/30/2013 04:21 am ET

'Awkward' Aftermath: Can Jenna And Matty's Relationship Survive Her Cheating? (VIDEO)

It was the aftermath of the kiss seen 'round the surprise party on "Awkward." While Jenna's friends were trying to recreate just what happened after they popped up from behind the couch to see Jenna kissing Collin, Jenna was vowing to never step foot outside her house again.

In the end, though, she knew what she had to do. And as much as she'd hurt Matty with her betrayal, her next move might just hurt him even more. Especially after he told her that he could forgive her for cheating. It was Jenna who couldn't move past it. And so she broke up with him.

“Jenna doesn’t simply break up with Matty: she argues to him that they’re breaking up with each other, framing it as a mutual decision," wrote The AV Club's Myles McNutt. "Her argument is that this is all happening for a reason, but to make them equally culpable for the situation that brought them here ignores the fact that it was her who chose to cheat.”,104894/

Beau Mirchoff, who plays Matty, told TV Guide that this breakup should be good for the show. "Initially he wonders if he's at fault, but then he realizes he's not limited to her circle of friends and her life [and wants to see] what else life has to offer," Mirchoff said. "The best way to get over someone is to find new love so maybe Matty goes on the prowl.”

"Awkward" steps into the next chapter starting next Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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