9 Photos To Make You Realize The Beauty Of Your Organs

10/30/2013 07:47 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

"Regardless of whether we fill ourselves with toxins or nourishing food, whether we exercise or not -- our organs sustain us, working away effortlessly and unnoticed." So explains Camila Carlow, Guatemala-born, England based artist who finds inspiration inside of her, quite literally.

Carlow's project "Eye Heart Spleen" draws from this image of the little organ that could, bringing our attention to the diligent innards that are normally only noticed upon their failure. She aligns our bodies' adorable mixture of independence and generosity with that of a plant, which also works tirelessly to exist while expecting nothing in return. Indifferent to traffic, pollution or unkind environments, plants continue to sprout up against all odds.

The following photographs capture organs built from scavenged flowers, vines, berries and other organic materials. The plant and animals kingdoms combine in adorable testaments to these hardworking organisms. See Carlow's works below and prepare to change the way you see your organs.

1. Brain brain

2. Eye 2013-10-28-eye_A3.jpg

3. Gut eye

4. Heart heart

5. Kidneys kidneys

6. Lungs lungs

7. Pancreas pancreas

8. Uterus uterus

9. Breasts breasts

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