10/30/2013 08:55 am ET

If You Try Hard And Believe In Yourself, Anything Can Be A Croquette Recipe (PHOTOS)

We can't think of much that isn't improved by being rolled in bread crumbs and fried. In the right moment, we might eat a shoe rolled in bread crumbs and fried. The genre of food that makes the single best use of this technique is definitely the croquette recipe. Just about every culture on earth has their take on the croquette. In Japan, they call them korokke and use extra-crispy panko bread crumbs for a beautifully crunchy crust. In Italy, there is usually rice involved. In Spain, you'll find your croquetas studded with jamon. And the US? We invented deep-fried mac and cheese, so don't you worry about us.

We rounded up some of our favorite croquette recipes below, from land to sea and everything in between. What's your favorite kind of croquette and where does it come from?

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Panko Recipes