10/30/2013 12:43 pm ET

Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips For A Stress-Free Vacation (VIDEO)

Vacations are fabulous, but travel can be a killer.

The key to a great trip is not allowing the stressors of traveling to take a toll when you're supposed to be having a blast. HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd chatted with a panel of travel experts to get the best tips for having a completely blissful excursion.

Travel writer Brandon Presser is no stranger to coping with less-than-desirable circumstances on a trip, like the time it took him a total of 57 hours to get from Istanbul to Melbourne. He shared some of his advice for little-known options for passing the time during long trips in the air.

"If you have a six-hour layover somewhere like Singapore, you can actually leave the airport and you can do a city tour that's free, and it'll be sponsored by the airport," he said. "There's little tricks like that for long layovers."

Travel experts share all their advice for stress-free vacations at HuffPost Live HERE.


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