Our Readers' Best Food Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

10/31/2013 09:35 am ET

In the spirit of Halloween season, we here at HuffPost Taste have been exploring some of the best (and worst) food costumes out there. And when it comes to real-life examples of of food costume creativity, we knew there would be nobody better to ask than our readers.

Of course, we were right -- we asked, and you answered with submissions of wild, adorable and insanely creative food and drink costumes. Our favorite 12 are below -- if you're in need of last-minute inspiration, look no further than the kitchen.

  • 1 Corn
    Gini L. Wolf-Hamme, via Facebook
  • Apparently this reader's granddaughter requested to be corn for Halloween. Someone's being raised right.
  • 2 Hot Dog
    Shirley Ng, via Facebook
  • This dog looks STOKED on Halloween.
  • 3 Hot Sauce
    Tonya Castillon, via Facebook
  • The Cholulua vs. Tapatio debate just got so real.
  • 4 Cupcake
    Matthew T. Henry, via Facebook
  • Cupcakes are inherently 'cute' food, but this is taking that idea to a whole new level.
  • 5 Milk & Cookies
    Sharmila Shah Sil, via Facebook
  • Forget Batman and Robin, THIS is the ultimate Halloween duo.
  • 6 Red Solo Cup
    Christina Kimble, via Facebook
  • The ultimate college (and Toby Keith) staple.
  • 7 Turkey
    Shannon Casserly, via Facebook
  • This chihuahua is not nearly as excited about fall holidays as his owners are...
  • 8 Deviled Egg
    April Harman, via Facebook
  • The scariest egg dish we've ever seen.
  • 9 Baby Carrot
    Courtney L. Hamme-Henry, via Facebook
  • This tot (who we believe is the same from the adorable corn above) is living proof that not all kids hate veggies.
  • 10 Two Peas In A Pod
    Jason Rhoades, via Facebook
  • Twin costumes, absolutely killing it.
  • 11 French Toast
    April Harman, via Facebook
  • Because really -- what is French Toast without maple syrup?
  • 12 Sommelier Pirate
    Adrian Seltzer, via Facebook
  • She's got it right -- a bottle is a way better thing to have on your shoulder than a parrot.

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