10/31/2013 09:34 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2013

Joshua Goverman Lost Finger Tip Trying To Take Truck's Copper Wire: Cops (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Glendale Police Department

This guy gave the finger to law enforcement officials. Literally.

An Arizona man was recently arrested after police were able to trace the tip of a severed finger left at a crime scene back to him, AZ Family reported.

Joshua Allen Goverman, 29, is accused of trying to steal a spool of copper wire out of an air-conditioning truck on Oct. 7.

The owner of the truck told police that the spool had been pulled out about 20 feet from his truck when he saw Goverman's cut-off finger caught up in the wiring. The owner and police believe the wiring got caught under the tire of the car as the suspect sprinted down the street, tightening the wire around his finger and severing it.



"I think he's an idiot," the owner's wife told AZ Central news.


The finger was retrieved as evidence and sent to the Glendale Police Forensics Unit. A fingerprint was obtained by detective, who were able to positively identify Goverman as the man missing the digit.

On Facebook, Goverman posted photos of his finger-less hand. When friends asked about it, he allegedly lied to them and said he got the injury after trying to "help a friend."


Police took Goverman into custody a week later, where he was booked on suspicion of theft on the strength of the evidence he left behind, police said.

According to Fox 4KC, the copper wiring is valued at around $300.

"You might say Joshua’s finger had its own version of the story to tell and pointed Joshua directly to jail," a Glendale Police Department statement said in a press release.



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