10/31/2013 11:23 am ET

Announcement Expected About Death Of Kendrick Johnson, Teen Who Suffocated In Gym

A U.S. attorney in Georgia will make an announcement on Thursday afternoon about the death of a teenager who suffocated in a high school gymnasium, CNN reports.

The dead body of Kendrick Johnson was found headfirst inside a rolled-up mat in January. His death was ruled accidental.

It's unknown what federal prosecutor Michael Moore will announce, but the update comes a day after a judge released a trove of materials from the investigation thus far.

Those documents included a short-clip of surveillance footage showing the 17-year-old walking the halls and across the basketball court of Lowndee High School in southern Georgia, according to the NBC affiliate station in Atlanta. It's unknown if today's announcement is connected to the video, which doesn't show Johnson's death.

An autopsy conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations had ruled he died by falling headfirst into the upright mats while reaching for his shoe. It's common for students to place their footwear inside the mats for safekeeping, the NBC affiliate reported.

His parents, however, believe their son was murdered. They won a court ruling that ordered another autopsy, CNN stated.

"We're not stopping," Kendrick's mother Jacquelyn Johnson said, "until we get justice."

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