10/31/2013 11:17 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2013

The Onion's 10 Best Digs At Miami


There's never been a city more fun to skewer than Miami -- and no one does it better than The Onion, everyone's favorite Pulitzer-worthy satirical weekly.

From Miami's potholes to nightlife to the one infrastructure project all of South Florida would support, The Onion pokes a finger in the city's surgically lifted eye and then runs off giggling.

And though the Magic City is fodder enough on its own, the humor site really dove head-first into coverage of the Miami Heat in the Big Three era, churning out headlines like "2013 NBA Finals Coverage: The Miami Heat Stomp The Joy Out Of Basketball Forever" and "Miami Heat Unable To Tell If Congratulations Are Sarcastic Or Not."

To sum it up: The Onion loves Miami, and we love The Onion for making us laugh so hard at ourselves. Check out all of The Onion's Miami coverage here -- and below, our 10 favorite digs at The 305:

The Onion's 10 Best Digs At Miami