One British man recently learned a hard life lesson while drooling over photos of a model in lingerie online: fantasize all you want, but never comment about how you'd totally leave your wife for a one-night stand with the woman in the photos.

That's what happened Tuesday, when a Manchester man named Tom got all hot and bothered over photographs showing model and TV presenter Kelly Brook in sexy lingerie on the Daily Mail's website, including this photo:

Tom liked what he saw, so he beelined to the comment section of the article to let readers know he found Brook "so sexy" that he would happily "leave [his] wife and kids for one night with her!"

Commenters were outraged at Tom's boldness. "I hope your wife reads this," one user wrote, "and the first thing you see when you wake up tomorrow is your belongings packed in a bin bag on the floor."

Outraged, too, was his wife, who saw the remark because Tom's Daily Mail comments are apparently linked to his Facebook account. (Amateur move, Tom.)

"My idiot husband forgot his comments are linked to his Facebook account," Tom's wife explained. "You don't deserve our beautiful kids and I hope your brother has room on his sofa because I'm having the locks changed."

Ouch. Here's the full exchange in all its internet fail-rific glory:


(H/T Gawker )

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