Was Eminem's 'Saturday Night Live' Performance Lip Synced?

11/04/2013 04:23 pm ET

Eminem hit "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, serving as the musical guest to the episode hosted by Kerry Washington. His performance, however, raised eyebrows for some viewers, who questioned whether the rapper was lip-syncing during the show.

A representative for Eminem told TMZ that he was not lip syncing, but rather laying down live vocals over a vocal track. The representative continued, explaining, "He just likes this sound and if you listen to his albums they are done the same way."

If Eminem was in fact lip syncing, it would not be the first time that a musician has done so on "Saturday Night Live." Ashlee Simpson was famously caught lip syncing on the show in 2004, which led to her walking off the stage during the live performance.

Check out video from Eminem's "SNL" performance above and judge for yourself.

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