This 1950s Women's Health Tutorial Is Utterly Appalling (VIDEO)

11/04/2013 06:47 am ET | Updated Nov 04, 2013

We always thought our monthly visit from mother nature was a bloody pain. But according to this 1953 educational video, apparently "the menopause" is the real curse.

The slightly degrading video advises that "womankind" in this stage of life may encounter unpleasant symptoms like "hot flushes" and emotional disturbances. But not to worry, a spot of radiation and some mild sedatives will fix you right up.

Funny. We thought a fan and some HRT might do the trick.

The video was created to train doctors on menopause in the 1950s, by Schering Corporation, which is known today as Merck.

But seriously, the video was so educational. We never knew our ovaries could be "senile."

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