11/04/2013 07:39 pm ET | Updated Nov 11, 2013

Yoko Ono's Incredible New Video Reaffirms She Is The Queen Of Everything

How much do you love Yoko Ono? A lot, right? Well, get ready to love her even more. Yup, her new video is that good.

The video for the bouncy "Bad Dancer" features Ms. Ono in a top hat and tiny shorts dancing with other awesome, but not quite as awesome, famous people like the Beastie Boys, ?uestlove, Justin Vivian Bond, Roberta Flack, Ira Glass and Reggie Watts. The whole artsy dance party will make you want to bust a horrendous dance move like never before.

Watch the 3 minute masterpiece below and let your Yoko love flow freely in the comments. In the meantime, check out our favorite quotes from Yoko's book "Acorn" in the slideshow below.

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