Hey, It's 'Arthur Meyer Tweets The Same Tweets As Katy Perry Week' On Fallon!

11/05/2013 08:20 am ET

Remember that glorious week when Fallon writer Arthur Meyer was tweeting the exact same thing as Justin Bieber to see who got more RTs, and then Bieber himself got involved and the whole thing culminated in worldwide trending topic Frog Lawn Mower?

Well, if you don't – pfft, whatever – get yourself educated because it's happening again, this time with Katy Perry. Can Arthur make social magic happen twice? We hope so... our frog lawn mower poster is getting a little frayed and could use a replacement.

Watch Fallon's day one recap of the experiment above where we learn that Katy Perry "woke up with a heart full of gratitude," and Arthur... did not.

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