11/05/2013 10:16 pm ET

Virginia Governor Election Results 2013: Terry McAuliffe Defeats Ken Cuccinelli


Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor's race on Tuesday, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

McAuliffe follows Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Below, more from the AP:

TYSONS CORNER, Va. (AP) — Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been elected Virginia's next governor, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli after pledging to expand the state's Medicaid rolls and portraying his rival as someone who would turn back years of progress.

Turnout for Tuesday's election was low, and both candidates worked through Election Day to reach as many potential voters as possible.

McAuliffe, who once led the Democratic National Committee and is a confidant of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, said he would expand Medicaid to provide health coverage for 400,000 people under the federal health care law. By contrast, Cuccinelli, the current attorney general, vehemently opposed the law and was the first to challenge it in court.


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