11/06/2013 03:26 pm ET

Lollipop The Skunk Dives Into Tiny Boxes For Tiny Treats

Lollipop the skunk loves treats like papaya and liver, but she might love the challenge of finding it even more! Watch her get so excited as she dives headfirst into some little boxes for some little treats.

Lollipop was rescued by Animal Wonders Inc. from a fur farm in 2013. This organization's mission is to adopt displaced wildlife and give them a home, and videos like this help educate the public about their animals.

In the video description, Animal Wonders says that hiding Lollipop's food in nooks and crevices is part of a behavioral enrichment program that mimics how skunks dig for food in the wild and stimulates her senses.

To learn more, visit the Animal Wonders site.


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