11/06/2013 09:09 am ET

Reddit, We Sincerely Underestimated How Pretty Your Cakes Are (PHOTOS)

The food community on Reddit never ceases to amaze us. Whether they're breaking new ground in cooking themselves the most depressing meals we've ever seen, failing valiantly at every recipe in sight or totally inspiring us by making things even we are a little trepidatious about, they've always got a surprise for us. Usually they are funny, make us worry for their safety or get us to try a food that makes us worry about our own (remember the shrimp frosting debacle?).

Today, we finally get to talk about how delicious something on Reddit is, and it's all because of /r/Baking. This sub-Reddit focuses on exactly what it sounds like, and the community members there have turned out some of the prettiest cakes we have ever seen. Seriously pretty cakes. Professionally pretty cakes. Thanks for the inspiration guys! Now we need to go eat all the cake.

  • 1 "Rainbow petal cake -- white chocolate mud cake, white chocolate ganache and lemon buttercream to finish."
    This can be an infuriating process and we salute you.
  • 2 "Full time scientist, part time dessert fiend."
    We're not worthy!
  • 3 "Black Eyed Susan cake, all buttercream on chocolate cake."
    This cake just looks like springtime.
  • 4 "Today is my birthday, this is the cake my friend made for me."
    We want this pattern on every single thing in our lives.
  • 5 "My first attempt at a mango cake."
    Nailed it. But really this time.
  • 6 "Toffee Apple Cake!"
  • 7 "My final for the Special Occasion Cakes class I'm in, a Monet wedding cake."
  • 8 "Corn cake I made for some reason, all buttercream."
    The patience this must have taken has us in awe.
  • 9 "Alice in Wonderland cake that I made for someone's birthday."
  • 10 "Pig in the Mud cake for my brother in laws birthday."
    If you don't think this is adorable, you might not have a heart. Or you hate pigs. Either way, get away from us.
  • 11 "Buttercream ombre cakes."
  • 12 "Chocolate marshmallow cake!"
  • 13 "Comic book cake, all buttercream."
  • 14 "Fall ruffles with little leaf shaped sprinkle quins."
    Something about those ruffles is making us really hungry.
  • 15 "Made a wedding cake for a family friend."
    You guys are all such nice friends!
  • 16 "Croquembouche with rock and spun sugar, on a puff pastry base."
    Fine, it's not really a cake. But it is amazing.
  • 17 "My mom did this for a coworker for her birthday. The butterflies are just crushed Jolly Ranchers and other candies like that put into butterfly cookie cutters."
  • 18 "Orange and chocolate layered cheesecake with buttercream frosting and chocolate decorations
  • 19 "Pastel de los Muertes- Day of the dead cake."
    Those marigolds are so perfect.
  • 20 "Winter is coming?"
    Guys, the pine trees are upside down ice cream cones. We are in love.

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