11/07/2013 04:04 pm ET

9 Reasons Kanye West Will Be A Bigger Bridezilla Than Kim


Planning a wedding is hard. Planning a wedding for two huge and slightly narcissistic superstars is next to impossible. But when we thought about the possible pitfalls awaiting Kimye's future wedding planner, it became clear Kim might not be the problem.

Here are 9 reasons Yeezus will be a bigger bridezilla than Kim Kardashian.

  • 1. Kanye needs to be the center of attention.
    On the Big Day, the bride is often the center of attention, while the groom stands idly by, merely hoping not to sweat through his tux. But if this Taylor Swift incident has taught us anything, it's that Kanye needs to be in the spotlight at all times. Sorry Kim, it's not your day.
  • 2. Kanye needs this to be the greatest wedding in human history... or at least better than Kris Humphries'.
    Kanye is one of the most successful people on the planet, but he still has a complex when it comes to Kim's athletic exes (who wouldn't?). The result: a need to throw the most over-the-top wedding of all time in order to one-up Kim's last multi-million-dollar shindig.
  • Still don't believe us?
    When asked about his upcoming wedding plans, Kanye recently said, "two words: fighter jets."
  • 3. Kanye doesn't want you to talk to him.
    Talking to people has never been Kanye's strong suit, which could be a problem considering communication is key while planning the Big Day. We fear every time Kanye's planner asks questions like, "egg-white linens or morning white?" they'll be met with this.
  • Or this...
  • 4. Kanye only wants to listen to Kanye.
    It's the age-old question that has plagued engaged couples since the dawn of time: book a DJ? Hire a band? iPod? None of these are good enough for Kanye. In fact, he'll probably have to perform at his own wedding because, in case you forgot, he's the greatest musician that ever lived.
  • 5. Kanye is prone to changing his mind.
    Kanye wants white flowers on every table. No, not white -- red flowers. Wait, flowers at all. For the love of Kanye, don't give him flowers!
  • 6. Kanye will let you know if you messed up.
    Weddings never go off without a hitch -- the cake is missing, the flowers are wrong, someone forgot to pick up the bride. But Kanye is known to speak his mind, so when the planner inevitably screws something up, he or she risks getting blasted on national TV.
  • 7. Kanye won't tolerate photographers.
    Wait, you want to take pictures of Kanye at his wedding? You mean like for memories and scrapbooks and normal human stuff like that? No, don't even think about it. Kanye hates photographers and is likely to ban all photo-taking devices.
  • Seriously, he really hates them ...
  • 8. Kanye is God.
    Besides "I Am A God" being a track on Yeezus' new album, it's also his everyday M.O. Along with his propensity to talk about how brilliant he is at all things, all the time.
  • Which means all wedding suggestions from friends, family, and/or the bride will be met with this:
    The Kanye Face of Disgust
  • Or worse, this ...
  • 9. Oh, and he'll probably want to wear white, because he's Kanye West.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
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