Some Brits Find A Way To Make Cosmetic Surgery Part Of Their Vacation

11/08/2013 01:56 pm ET

Medical tourism has long been a thing around the world. India, Costa Rica and Germany, among others, have been offering everything from dentistry to a nip/tuck to foreigners.

So it was only a matter of time before some website conducted a "study" looking at where tourists are headed for different cosmetic operations and procedures. Enter the British-based, a price comparison site and insurance company, shows that a growing number of Brits are headed abroad for a variety of procedures.

They're most likely to head to Switzerland for things like face lifts, botox and liposuction; the Czech Republic for boob jobs, lip fillers and nose jobs. And, given their infamous teeth, um, issues, Thailand is a hot spot for teeth whitening.

So make like (some) Brits and screw Lake Geneva, the Charles Bridge and Wat Arun and take in the sites of's office...on your next trip.

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