Super Typhoon Haiyan Videos Capture Harrowing Moments Of Landfall Over The Philippines

11/08/2013 10:53 am ET

Haiyan, the strongest storm of 2013, hit the center of the Philippines on Friday, killing at least four people and leaving thousands others stranded and homeless. The super typhoon carried winds of up to 147 miles per hour at the time it made landfall, forcing some 720,000 people to evacuate their coastal communities.

As the Associated Press notes, the damage sustained by the storm has cut off much of the country's communications, leaving the rest of the world to wait on reports to know the full extent of the destruction. The few photos we've seen show just how epic and eviscerating nature can be, while the videos below give a fuller look at devastating capabilities of the earth.


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Typhoon Haiyan
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